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About Us

Yoga N Da Hood is an organization dedicated to making Wellness accessible in underserved communities.                     
By using yoga & Mindfulness as a tool to develop compassion, wellness, and mindful

Want to Know More about the founder of Yoga N Da Hood (The ghetto Guru)


Yoga N Da Hood offers self-healing and stress reducing methods for a healthy life stlye; through the practice of Yoga and mindfulness in under-served communities. (in other words, we teach yoga n da hood) A Yoga practice is very beneficial to a health lifestyle. It is also a very pricey way of living. we believe that the practice of self love (self-love blog). should be affordable to everyone.
Yoga N da Hood offers no cost yoga classes and Compassion workshops in various place throughout the dfw.



Mindful Yoga

Morning Yoga it's always good to my soul.__Grateful! _www.yogandahood.jpg

Want the Ghetto Guru to host your next Yoga class or Compassion Workshop?  


“I believe the main strength of the IYT training was the group of teachers assembled to present the material. From the asana teaching essentials, anatomy, both gross and subtle, to Yogic philosophy and history, to Ayurveda, to the Sutras and the Gita, the teachers were all obviously very experienced, committed, talented and inspiring.”

– Mary Chen

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