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YNDH Community Yoga Teacher Training 

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"Change Your Mind and You Will Change The World Around You" - Ebony Smith ,The Ghetto Guru


Did the Power of Yoga Change Your Life?


Do you seek to give others the gift of Yoga, mindfulness, and movement?


Are you interested in making your community a better place to live?


Join a community of yoga teachers dedicated to making the world a better place through the power of Yoga and mindfulness.




This Yoga Teacher Training program gives students in-depth skills to teach Yoga as a vehicle for total wellness, to anyone! Along with offering Yoga classes with a focus on health and healing to the general public, our graduates have developed a variety of Yoga, wellness and stress management programs to meet the needs of people in under resourced communities, schools, hospitals, mental health settings, corporations, wellness centers, senior care, community centers, social outreach programs, the performing arts and athletics. More importantly, we cultivate Yoga teachers that go out into world and make it a better place by bring diversity and incivility to the practice of wellness. 


1)To foster and deepen a genuine, personal lifestyle mixed with traditional and modern practices, ensuring a profound understanding of the art of Yoga and mindfulness

2) To help nurture the process that creates exceptional instructors, empowering them to serve their community with integrity, compassion, skill and safety.

3) To cultivate instructors who bring diversity, inclusion, and acceptance to every space they create.


We offer a non-dogmatic, personally nurturing environment.

Main Focus Areas of the Teacher Training Program


Individualized Teaching and Learning

Develop your Yoga teaching as part of your own unique life vision and mission. The Integrative Yoga Teacher Training Program is based on the vision of Yoga Therapy using an individualized approach with the understanding that the needs of students are unique. Each Yoga teacher trainee should receive comprehensive and in-depth instruction in the wider vision of Yoga as well as detailed experiential instructions of the tools and techniques of Yoga. With this foundation, each teacher is given a range of possibilities for the creative teaching of Yoga from which they can evolve their own vision of the teaching process.


Experiential Approach to Education


Learn all the key concepts of teaching such as inclusion, class design, sequencing, pacing, use of voice and instructions, and hands-on and off adjustments in a concise and clear format that is creative, comprehensive and interesting.


Take Your Teaching Beyond the Yoga Classroom


Learn to teach Yoga classes for specific focus groups such as medical settings, education, recovery and business as well as Yoga classes for the general public.


A Multidimensional Approach to Yoga Postures


Learn to teach asana through the Integrative Posture Principles. These principles facilitate a precise and in-depth understanding of how asanas work at physical, energetic, emotional, and spiritual levels, and how to modify them for individual needs.


Understand Health and Illness


Learn the nature of wellness, health  as well as illness and pathology from the Yoga perspective. Understand the role of stress in health and illness as well as the specific ways in which Yoga and mindfulness manages stress.


Interactive Psychology and Philosophy of Yoga


Learn the main aspects of the psychology and philosophy of Yoga in a way that is clear, well organized and can be integrated into your teaching and daily life. This study includes Yoga N Da Hood methodologies,  Yoga Sutras, Texts of Hatha Yoga and The Five Kosha Model.


Creative, Student Centered Education


Learn to teach Yoga classes that are exceptional and creative, that develop a theme from start to finish; classes that involve your student at every level of their being and leave them with the complete experience of integration which is the power of Yoga.


Explore the Deeper Practices of Yoga


Learn pranayama, mudras, bandhas, chakras, vayus, nadis, meditation, and Yoga nidra, in order to expand your horizons of Yoga teaching.

Location, Tuition and General Information


Educator ONLY Training Dates

July 27th-September 8th 


Monday Wednesday Friday    5:00pm-9:00pm Virtual Meet Up  

Sunday                                                  Noon-3:00pm

Bishop Arts Theater

Some Saturdays will be required 


How To Apply/Register



A minimum of two years of experience with Yoga practice (any style), students are expected to have a working knowledge of asana. A strong physical practice is not required; please do not be concerned if you practice gentle Yoga exclusively. During the physical phases of the training, we account for vigorous, gentle and everything in between.


Step 1: Fill out the online application

You should hear back from a Yoga N Da Hood representative within 3-5 business days of application. Please answer all of the questions in the application fully so that we are able to determine whether or not our program matches your goals and expectations. If you have any questions after you have read all of the information on this page please e-mail


Step 2: Register

As stated above, in order to register for a YNDH Community Yoga Teacher Training 200 hour Professional Training you must first receive an acceptance decision from the Yoga N Da Hood Training office. We are dedicated to keeping our programs manageable and inclusive in order to serve our students best. Our programs fill up quickly, so it is necessary to apply and register early. We will e-mail registration forms after an acceptance notification; you will be required to return the forms and put the required down payment to hold your space to become officially registered and a place guaranteed for the program. You will receive payment instructions when you receive your acceptance notification. Please call or email if you have any questions. To contact Ebony Smith, via phone (214) 951-6002  or email:


Step 3: Payment Policies

*Tuition: $2,500 value (free for select educators, after school providers, and community leaders)

*Tuition is due one month prior to start date.

*If you cannot pay the full tuition at time of registration, a minimum of $500 deposit is due to reserve       program space.

*For late registration (within one month of training) full tuition is due at time of registration.

*No refunds will be issued 



“I’ve taken a variety of Yoga classes for a number of years and at some point, probably in the midst of wobbling in Virabhadrasana III with eagle arms, I thought, ok what now? There’s got to be more behind balancing on one leg than just getting through it… it was then that I decided to fulfill my curiosity and find a deeper understanding by studying Yoga. Well, I knew enough to realize I needed teachers. Sundara felt right to me – its mission and foundation are based on traditional principles is for anyone to experience a state of well-being. Sundara’s standards and quality curriculum are unmatched. Our kula got us through, many hugs, high-fives, and we did the work! I feel confident and prepared to share my practice… I’ve changed in a profound and rewarding way. And in case you’re wondering, there really is something behind that Vira III and it’s so much more than just “getting through it!” I am forever grateful and honored to have been a student of such a knowledgeable, seasoned professional faculty of true yogis and part of a very special kula.”

– Emir Johnson


“I believe the main strength of the IYT training was the group of teachers assembled to present the material. From the asana teaching essentials, anatomy, both gross and subtle, to Yogic philosophy and history, to Ayurveda, to the Sutras and the Gita, the teachers were all obviously very experienced, committed, talented and inspiring.”

– Mary Chen


“The faculty (all of them are top notch) were so patient and kind. Their knowledge was mind-blowing and every one of them seem very real and down to earth-they practice what they preach, no ego here! So refreshing in this crazy, commercial Yoga world!”

– Missy Patricks


“So THIS is Yoga! I knew there was so much more to it, I just couldn’t find the right teachers…found them! This Yoga teacher training transformed me and opened up such a beautiful new path for me. The philosophy, Ayurveda, Literature, practical anatomy, the study of the energy body…I was enthralled the whole time-the training just seemed to fly by…The faculty are AMAZING-you guys Rock!”

– Catherine Williamson

(214) 951-6002

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